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Enamel Pin Badges

What are Enamel Pin Badges?

Enamel craftwork is usually an opaque finish. It is used for pottery, glass or metal for added protection and a glossy seal. WE add colored paints to the pin and the pin is done. The enamel paints not only protect the pin, but adds vivid color to them.

The enamel lapel pins are highly customizable. In other words, they can feature any designs.

Then enamel pins are trendy decorations now. They can be worn on your jackets, backpacks, hat and elsewhere. They can be your powerful promotional means as well. You must have seen them at charity dinners, political conferences, and other occasions.

Creating your custom enamel pins is easier and cheaper than you think. As a professional pin maker with superb craftsmanship, we will turn your unique ideas to physical enamel pins.

How We Make Enamel Pins?

The process of customizing enamel pins is not as complicated as you might think. The first step of making Enamel Pins is to have a pin idea in mind. Then our professional design team will design a unique custom enamel pin according to the customer's idea. After all the designs have been confirmed, the last step is our production.

The first step in the Enamel Pins production process is to make a model based on the pin design, and then all the pins are made through this model. The finished metal is polished, accessories added, electroplated, colored, baked, and the packaging checked. Click here you can see more factory videos about the pins production process.

Why Do You Need To Choose Custom Enamel Pins?

The culture of lapel pins has penetrated various industries. You can find them whether in politics, public welfare, business, fashion, or sports.

You may often see the enamel craft pins are worn on the salesman's chest. When the vogue icon walks by you, his clothes may be decorated with kinds of jewelry pins. And you may also notice people trading pins at the trading occasions.

In short, enamel lapel pins are being used in many industries for distinct purposes.

It is also due to its wide use, its market demand has also been raised greatly. And there is a wide variety of pins to meet clients' needs. A fixed pin style no longer meets their needs. Suppliers began to innovate more styles in the ordering of pins. Customers can order suitable badges based on their needs.

Pins are designed and manufactured according to the clients' needs by the pin makers. So that companies and groups are willing to find pin makers for custom pins. Custom-made enamel pins reflect the unique spirit and image of the team. Then, Custom enamel pins have become more and more popular.

To make it easier for customers to create custom pins, we launched an online custom system. Whether the hard or soft enamel pins, the common option or other special options,custom pins no minimum order quantity, they are all accessible for selection by the system.

What is Enamel Pins Types?

We have two enamel pin styles of two distinct processes, the hard, and the soft enamel.

Hard Enamel Pins

They are also named as Cloisonne pins. They give jewelry qualities and fairly durable feelings. Die struck metals are used for making them. And the hard enamel colors are filled in the metals by hand. The pins are firstly heated and then polished. So they have smooth surfaces. They’re a little more costly and require more time to create than the soft.

Key Features:

• Smooth & bright finish

• Bright and vivid colors

• Most durable & no fade

• Various plating options

Best Uses:

• They can be used for trade fairs, conventions, company branding, and employee recognition.

Soft Enamel Pins

They are also known as embossed pins. The soft enamel lapel pins have the same color selections as that of hard enamel. But the difference is that their metal lines are a bit more raised than the hard.

The craft gives the pin an interesting appearance layering. When your fingers slide over the soft enamel pins' surface, it gives a "bumpy" feeling. To make their surface flat, an epoxy layer will be applied to the pin. The layer can protect the surface from scratching, too.

Key Features:

• Flexible & High-Detail

• Colorful & Durable

• Various plating options

• More inexpensive, economy

Best Uses:

They can be used to identify and promote schools, teams, corporations, government agencies, military units, and associations.

The Difference Between Custom Soft Enamel and Hard Enamel Pins

Hard enamel pins and soft enamel pins are now commonly used for many occasions. When you are in the mood to create or learn about the Custom Lapel Pins, one question you might be confused about. That's the difference between soft enamel and hard enamel pins. The two distinct processes create two distinct types of pins. Follow us to know more now:

Hard Enamel Pins VS Soft Enamel Pins

Part 1 Visual Gap between Soft and Hard Enamel pins

One of the most obvious differences between them is their surface. Hard enamel is owned a highly polished and smooth surface for durable quality and higher value.

While soft enamel has textured and "bumpy" surface. It has the raised metal areas and the recessed enamel area. Each color is divided by thin metal lines. So it has the obvious layering than the hard.

Part 2 Product Principle Gap

First of all, both of them use the same mold and paint vivid colors. But the use of the mold for soft enamel pins is limited. If you choose a soft mold, the soft enamel pins can only be made. If you choose a hard mold, both the soft and hard enamel pins can be made.

Next, the production process of the two is distinct. The following is the production process of hard enamel pins and soft enamel pins:

How We Make Hard Enamel Pins?

Making a die struck metal.

Filling colors with small brush or needle by hand

Each color is parted by thin metal lines

Placing the pins in the oven and using high heat to make it dry and hard

Creating and Polishing a bright and smooth hard enamel surface

Electroplating the metal with the finish of gold or nickel

Single packing with a poly bag is the often used pin package option.

How We Make Soft Enamel Pins?

Making a die struck metal and cutting out the mold to the precise outline of the design shapes

Metal platings with a finish, such as gold or nickel

Putting the Pantone matching colors in the recessed areas

The enamels are clinging to the edges and lower the metal die lines (that prevent the colors from mixing)

Add a special epoxy coating to prevent the pin’s color from fading or cracking

The process flows of the two show the gap between the two products' principles

Part 3 Product Function Gap

Hard Enamel Pins--High Value

The price of hard enamel is a bit higher than soft enamel, but it has the winning high quality and outstanding looks. In fact, hard enamel pins have been used to create pretty decorative jewelry, dish, and art pieces for a long time. This type of enamel lapel pins can better reflect the noble artistic value.

The durable pin has a smooth surface and vivid color matching. The durable, smooth and vivid features make it a great keepsake for a lot of formal occasions. In a company event celebration and the conventions, it can act as the prizes, and birthday gifts, etc. Thus, the hard enamel custom pins are the top option for people or teams who have a strict quality need for pins.

Soft Enamel Pins--Most Popular Style

Its unique textured feeling has been loved by many people and their favorable price also gains many people's hearts. It is ideal used as decorative jewelry or as a gift and you can have a versatile option of shapes, colors and sizes. Thus, the soft one is greatly recommended to a person who has a tight budget.

Soft enamel pins are best used for designs that have defined parted color borders. It had less metal finish limit compared with the hard one. The soft enamel pins can use dye black finish or other metal finish while the hard pins can not.

The soft enamel can create the baseball pins that need narrow metal edges. Thus, it has been the first choice for sports lapel pins such as baseball trading pins.

What is an Epoxy Dome?

The epoxy dome is a clear plastic coating that can be added to soft enamel and an offset printed style lapel pin. By adding epoxy, it gives the custom lapel pins a shiny surface and protects your custom enamel pins from damage. An epoxy dome is an option, not a requirement. For soft enamel pins, this is a choice or personal preference, and for hard enamel pins, we don't recommend adding them.

What if you don't know the difference between adding epoxy and not epoxy? Click here to view our video, We display several enamel pins with epoxy vs no epoxy, You can Visually Display the Difference!

Why You Choose Enamel Pins From

Free Design

We offer you a free service of design. Our designers can design any physical picture, draft or even an idea into personalized lapel pins you want. Design effects will be quickly provided in 24 hours and unlimited revisions for the design with free charge.

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As an enamel pin manufacturer, we have more than 20 years of rich experience in making custom craft pins. And we work in many industries, such as many schools, non-profits, companies, and sports teams, etc. We own exquisite and skilled handicraft arts and production methods. Our complete product line and a full range of staff can produce pins for you fast.

Our prime principle is to give clients the best shopping experience. We are dedicated to solving our clients’ problems as soon as possible. Customers can enjoy the convenience of the Automatic Quotation System here.

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